At Fox Valley Ear, Nose & Throat Associates we offer full range of ENT services including Audiology Services, Treatment of Nasal and Sinus Disorders, Pediatric, Allergy Testing and Evaluation and Head and Neck Care.

Balance Care

Balance Services

  • Diagnosis and Treatment for Balance Disorders involving: dizziness, disequilibrium, balance problems, vestibular disorders, nausea with head movement, neurological disorders, pharmacological ototoxicity, head injuries, concussions, chronic mobility disorders, orthopedic injuries, vertigo (BPPV), and falls risk.

  • Diagnostic Videonystagmography (VNG-to assess dizziness or loss of balance)


Common Symptoms of Balance Problems Include:

  • Dizziness or Spinning Sensations

  • Unsteadiness and Falls

  • Difficulty Walking In The Dark

  • Swaying When You Stand Up