Hearing Aids

At Fox Valley Ear, Nose & Throat Associates we offer full range of ENT services including Audiology Services, Treatment of Nasal and Sinus Disorders, Pediatric, Allergy Testing and Evaluation and Head and Neck Care.

Today's Hearing Aids...

  • Are smaller & more discreet than ever

  • Deliver sound that is crisper, and more natural sounding

  • Allow the user to more easily understand conversation, even in noisy conditions

  • Provide better hearing with less effort

  • Adjust automatically to changing listening environments

  • Are coated with iSolate Nanotechnology, making them virtually waterproof

  • Connect "wirelessly" to televisions, cell phones, and other common household electronics


All Inclusive Worry-Free Service Guarantee

  • 30-day Trial Period & Exchange Privilege

  • Hearing System Customized Fitting & Programming

  • Lifetime Hearing System Computer Adjustments & Optimization

  • Lifetime Hearing System Cleanings

  • Re-tubing of Ear Molds

  • Receiver Exchanges

  • 12-month Supply of Batteries at Our Expense (up to $120 value)

  • Manufacturer's Repair Warranty

  • Manufacturer's Loss & Damage Coverage* 
    *limited to 1 replacement per instrument; deductible applies

  • Lifetime Upgrade Value Protection = $200 per instrument discount with upgrade towards new hearing aid purchase from Fox Valley ENT.